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What Percentage of Product Managers Rely Upon Influence Versus Direct Control?

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In this year’s Study of Product Team Performance we asked product team members to indicate how well defined the role of the product manager was in their organization.

Respondents told us that the majority of organizations have defined the role of the product manager pretty well but these product managers rely heavily upon influence skills to achieve their product objectives.

In fact, only about 19% of organizations have empowered their product managers with full profit and loss responsibility. While this percentage is pretty low, and something we would like to see improve, it is heartening to see that a significant number of organizations provide this level of empowerment to their product managers.

25% of respondents report that their organizations have poorly defined the role of the product manager. While 14% of organizations indicate that they do not have a product manager in place.

The following pie chart illustrates the findings from this year’s annual study of product team performance.

Greg Geracie, Actuation Consulting, Take Charge Product Management

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