Training for Product and Project Managers

Creating Value Through Collaboration

Corporate clients frequently choose this course in order to clarify the roles of product managers and project managers – which are often confused or comingled. Additionally, these two leadership roles are critical to a product’s success. This course aids organizations by helping product and project managers tighten their alignment to achieve better results throughout the product development lifecycle.

This is a 2-day course developed in concert with Lee Lambert of the Lambert Consulting Group. Designed to increase effective collaboration between project and product managers, this course will help you and your project team gain deeper insight into the key business drivers and critical linkages that can improve project team performance in the product development process. This course offers 16 PDUs for PMI certified Project Management professionals (PMP).

This course teaches project managers what to expect from product management and how to change the critical product management relationship from a collision course into a powerful partnership. It also helps product managers improve effective collaboration with project management.

The product management material contained in this course is drawn from the global bestseller Take Charge Product Management. The project management content was drawn from S.T.O.P.: The Project Management Survival Plan as well as material from Lee’s books.


After taking this product management training course, students will be able to:

  • The definitive value of the product manager’s role
  • How to effectively collaborate with your counterparts in product and project management
  • The linkages between the product and project management lifecycles and how to optimize these critical interactions
  • How to incorporate mission-critical product management deliverables into your project planning
  • How to increase your odds of success by knowing your blind spots and project-specific risks
  • The importance of moving further upstream into the Conceive phase of the project and product management life cycles
  • And much more …