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Evaluating & Improving Product Team Performance


In contrast to our Product Management Organization Assessment which provides organizations with a beginning baseline evaluation of how their product management organization is currently performing and an action plan for improvement, our product team survey instrument can be used at any time to reveal how your entire product team's performance — including engineering, product management, product marketing, customer service, quality assurance, project management and any other team members actively involved in product development activities — ranks in comparison to other organizations.


The survey instrument's resulting report contrasts your product team performance against 12 performance dimensions, revealed through our global studies of product team performance to be highly correlated with high-performing product teams.

Our regression analysis of study findings allowed us to develop a weighted scale that helps organizations prioritize their activities more effectively and provide them with insights into opportunities for performance improvement.


Organizations can choose to use our survey tool as often as necessary to assess their performance and ensure they remain on the road to improvement.

what factors influence the best outcomes?

  • What are the top three things you believe would improve the effectiveness of your product team?

    Two potential solutions stood out among survey respondents’ answers as having the potential to improve the product team’s effectiveness.

  • What criteria do you use to prioritize requirements?

    Nearly 60% of respondents agreed on the primary way their organizations prioritize requirements.

  • Which product development requirement format makes it easier to on-board new product team members?

    More than a third of survey respondents agree on the most effective way to on-board new product team members.

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