The Study of Product Team Performance

The Study of Product Team
Performance™ – The Pandemic Edition

Since 2012, our global studies have expanded our knowledge of the common factors driving high-performance teams, explaining why some product teams excel while others struggle.

Our seventh study of product teams focuses on understanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on product development activities worldwide. As health experts warn that this pandemic will not be the last we face, we altered this year’s focus to center on how organizations and product teams were adapting, or not adapting to the challenges posed by the pandemic. We are sharing our learnings to help organizations and individuals observe how their high-performance peers have coped with the present, and to help prepare for any difficulties ahead.

Since its inception nine years ago, this survey tool and resulting research has received support from a constellation of leading industry associations and market players – groups that don’t generally collaborate on such endeavors. This year we are proud to have partnered with the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) throughout the entire survey and white paper production process. Additionally, our sole sponsor, Planbox, generously underwrote our research.

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A few of the latest findings ...

  • Respondent organizations with a clear view of their strategy found it easier to pivot and make necessary changes to their business model and operating practices.

    Overall, survey respondents were surprisingly upbeat, and many viewed the changes taking place as opportunities on which they could capitalize. As one person put it, “Extraordinary situations are extraordinary opportunities!”

  • Respondents cite a flexible culture as key to weathering this pandemic.

    “What was not possible before the pandemic is now possible; what was easy is now difficult.” The pandemic’s impact is undeniable, and this respondent’s quote describes how the pandemic scrambled the status quo.

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