Product Management Consulting Services

Recruiting & Roles Definition


Not all product managers are created equally. We have helped organizations like yours understand how to identify talent based upon models we have built over time. We educate clients about the various types of product managers, screen product management candidates on your behalf and ensure the best qualified candidates meet with your team members. In addition, our knowledge of the factors that comprise a high-performing product management team gives us unique insight into team roles and responsibilities.

We’ll work with your company to help product team members and executives clarify product management roles to ensure effective alignment with other aspects of the product development team.




We will work with your functional leadership and recruiters to define job requirements including experience, aptitude and the skills that fit your company’s unique needs. We’ll help you interview and evaluate potential candidates to ensure they are well-suited for the role you need them to play.

Roles definition

Each employee should have a clear understanding of where they need to direct their attention and what part of the product team’s goals and priorities they own. Different organizations may require different roles and responsibilities depending on variables such as company size and type. When team roles are well defined, product managers are favorably positioned to lead the creation of value throughout a product’s lifecycle. We will help to ensure all team members have a clear understanding of their role on the product team, know the timing of hand-offs and interactions with other team members.