Product Management Consulting Services

Product Management Organization Assessment


As product management consultants we work closely with a wide variety of clients and conduct continuous market research on what differentiates high-performing product teams from the rest of the pack. Our product management assessment examines where your product management organization is today and provides customized and actionable insights that can serve as the basis for meaningful change tomorrow.

External evaluation done without bias can reveal the obstacles to high performance.


what to expect

Action Plan

The result of our assessment is a focused action plan. We work closely with executive stakeholders and employees to accelerate meaningful change. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our action plan is based upon your organizations specific needs This approach empowers stakeholders and product team members to make well-reasoned product management decisions that support attainment of company business goals and objectives.


Product managers are frequently self-taught. As a result, product management teams vary in the amount and type of experience acquired by its members. It is important that product management teams have a common vocabulary and work as a unified team. Our training is geared to help product team members establish this common vocabulary and accelerate action plan implementation. Our goal is not to simply improve communication but to accelerate transformational change.

Organizational Buy-in

Probably the most common problem facing organizations today is a failure to unify all stakeholders and employees behind organizational change. Getting everyone aligned and rowing in the same direction requires setting clear priorities and increasing transparency in decision-making processes so that employees understand where their efforts should be focused and can determine which features and products will bring the organization the greatest return. Our timely and transparent dissemination of information and active solicitation of feedback and input into decision-making means employees are more likely to align with suggested changes in priorities, processes or strategies. This is critical to increasing productivity and team success.