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Assessing your product management function

Our data-driven approach to product management and knowledge of high-performing product teams enables us to accurately assess your product management function. We’ll work with your company’s key stakeholders to identify improvement opportunities and craft a customized action plan based upon processes and best practices proven to drive sustainable results.
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Product Management Organization Assessment

Creating a shared vision

A strong product management culture is transformative. It is more than a process or set of tools. It is an understanding that excellent product management is a growth catalyst for the business. Product management process plays an important role in sustaining a product management culture. It is the backbone of day-to-day activities and keeps everyone aligned and rowing in the same direction.
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Staffing for success

Recruiting and hiring a strong product management team can be tricky. It is often one of the most challenging aspects of building a successful product management organization. There is no universal “product manager” that addresses every organizational need. The skills, experience and personal qualities you seek will be dependent on the specific role you are trying to fill. There is no silver bullet but there are ways to make this process more efficient. Once you have effectively located the talent you need defining team roles and responsibilities is an essential next step.
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Building a top-performing team

It can take years for someone to develop the unique skill sets and earn the experience necessary to become an expert product manager. Expertise requires the development of skills specific to product management and considerable amounts of time applying those skills in the real world. While many of these skills can be learned through several painful years of on-the-job job trial and error, developing and fine-tuning these skills with the guidance of an expert product management trainer is far more efficient, timely, and profitable.
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Evaluating and improving performance

We offer product team assessments to help product team members and executives understand how their teams are performing. Our survey instrument measures team performance against performance benchmarks derived from our ongoing market research and regression analysis.
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