Product Management Consulting Services

Tailored Coaching & Mentoring


Product management training from Actuation Consulting can equip product managers with the skill sets they need to face the complex challenges they are sure to encounter in their careers. There are many reasons why an organization or individual would want product management training: to establish a common vocabulary, learn how to streamline processes, help them lead more efficiently, get products to market faster, communicate more effectively and many more...

Product management is unlike most career fields. It requires contact with a variety of external parties and the ability to coordinate complex activities between a variety of departments. From sales to accounting, research and development to marketing, a product manager must communicate, coordinate and balance the expectations of multiple departments at once in order to move a product through the production stream as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to achieve optimal value.

In today’s competitive markets, the training of product managers is a critical component of being able to succeed. We can provide custom training based on our product management organization assessment and tailored to your individual needs and concerns.



  • Improving cross-function communication

    How can you ensure everyone is on the same page?

  • Encouraging organizational buy-in

    What makes people more likely to adopt new policies and processes?

  • Formulating winning product strategies

    What are the crucial elements every product strategy should consider?

  • Measuring and sharing success

    How should you be tracking and communicating results?

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Actuation Consulting also offers standard training modules for product management professionals and teams.