How Embedded Is Product Marketing In Your Product Development Process?

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We are nearing the finish line on this year’s Survey of Product Team Performance and as we prepare to begin the regression analysis I noticed an interesting comment from one of the survey respondents.

This individual was responding to the following question “What factors contribute to the positive aspects of the product team’s relationship with product marketing or marketing?” While I won’t reveal the answers to this question just yet, one individual wrote a verbatim that said “The more fully we embed product marketing in our product team – the better the relationship is.”

As a product management trainer and consultant to organizations world-wide I can tell you that only a minority of companies that I encounter fully embed the product marketing team members in the product development process. In fact, given that the line between product management and marketing is often hazy, I often see lack of alignment and in the worst cases open conflict between the two groups.

I agree with the individual that noted how powerful the product management and product marketing relationship can be when they are in alignment. The best situations tend to arise from a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, recognition that both teams are co-dependent, strong executive leadership that expects the teams to work together effectively, and most importantly trust.

So as you think about your organization, take a second to reflect upon how deeply embedded your product marketing team members are. If they are not fully embedded it is likely that your organization has not optimized the full power of this relationship.

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