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UX to Product Management Employee Staffing Ratios

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We’ve reached the final question in the most recent Global Study of Product Team Performance survey. Today, we’ll look at how survey respondents compared the number of full-time user experience employees (UX FTEs) to full-time product management employees (product management FTEs) in their organizations.

Question: What is the ratio of UX FTEs to product management FTEs in your organization? (Check one.)

Response Percentage
1 to 3 33.1%
1 to 5 16.5%
1 to 10 9.1%
1 to 20 3.5%
1 to more than 20 15%
Other 22.8%

Digging Deeper

The highest responding answer was one user experience full-time employee to three product management FTEs (33.1%). This is a high percentage of user experience employees for sure. One UX FTE to every five product management FTEs received 16.5% of responses. Even combining one UX FTE to more than 20 product management FTEs (15.0%), one UX FTE to 10 product management FTEs (9.1%), and one UX FTE to 20 product management FTEs (3.5%) (27.6% in aggregate), organizations rich in UX FTEs (33.1%) were greater. Clearly, organizations with a higher percent of UX FTEs outnumber those with fewer.

The Culmination

Over the past two months we’ve taken an in-depth look at the results of the Global Study of Product Team Performance survey. We’ve reached the last question. Now it’s time to pull it all together into benchmarks you can use to become a high-performing team. Watch for my next post when we delve into the Six New Key Performance Indicators revealed through the study.


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