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Today we continue our exploration of the findings from the most recent Global Study of Product Team Performance survey. The responses we’ll consider today both deal with the user experience (UX) team.

Question: Where do you think is the most effective place for the user experience team to report?

Response Percentage
Marketing 4.7%
Product Management 34.0%
Chief Product Officer 28.1%
Technology Architecture, Product Architecture, or similar 11.9%
Engineering, Development, Technology, or similar 18.1%
Other 3.2%


Insights Gained

Last week we looked at responses revealing where the UX team actually reports in our respondents’ organization. This week we get the chance to learn where the same respondents think the team should report. A little over a third (34.0%) indicated Product Management as the preferred place for user experience to report. That’s only about 3% points higher (30.8%) than what the respondents told us was actually happening. 28.1% consider the CPO as the best person to interface with user experience – almost triple what is actually occurring (10.7%). Only 18.1% would have UX report to Engineering, Development, or Technology, compared to the 30% that actually do manage these reports.


Question: How many individuals are in your core user experience design organization?

Response Percentage
We don’t have user experience professionals 23.3%
1 18.6%
2 to 3 25.7%
4 to 5 13.0%
6 or more 19.4%


Exploring Answers

Respondents’ answers to this question were fairly evenly divided. Interestingly, 23.3% of respondents indicate they have no user experience team. The respondents’ highest response (25.7%) went to user experience design teams with two to three members. 19.4% of respondents said they have six or more user experience team members. 18.6% indicated they have just one user experience professional. The least selected survey response, four to five members, garnered only about half the responses of the highest responding answer (13.0% vs. 25.7%).

The Final Question – Next Week

My next post will consider the responses to the final question on the most recent Global Study of Product Team Performance survey. After that we will pull the survey finding together to reveal the six new key performance indicators shared by high performing teams.


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