The Study of Product Team Performance Development Findings

Product Development Findings

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The latest Global Study of Product Team Performance took a deep dive into product development mechanics that high performing organizations embrace.

Regression Analysis Findings

Our regression analysis shows strong correlations with high performance when organizations effectively:

  • Prioritize the backlog
  •  Have a clear definition of done created within the team
  • Don’t over-emphasize development cost when prioritizing requirements

Impact of Respondents’ Perceptions

Respondents’ perceptions of product development methodologies also showed up in our data. Over 90% of survey respondents are actively involved in the product development process. Those who lack an understanding of the method in use clearly are part of organizations that underperform.  Additionally, those who believe using Agile/Scrum leads to high product profitability are more likely to be in organizations that perform well financially. Knowledge clearly makes a difference.

Top Tools and Automation

Lastly, the most highly productive teams believe their effectiveness would increase through the use of better tools and automation. Here, again, knowledge makes a difference. Teams that have implemented effective team processes are looking to expand their uptake of DevOps and Extreme Programming (XP) practices with the latest automated refactoring, test, build, and infrastructure-deployment tools.

Looking Ahead

As of this post, we conclude our exploration of the findings drawn from the latest Global Study of Product Team Performance. Starting next week, we’ll switch gears and begin a discussion of product management tools that can grease the wheel of success within your team and your organization.


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