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The latest Global Study of Product Team Performance Survey provided insights in product management roles, methodologies and increasing product profitability. Let’s take a closer look.

Question: Which of the following methodologies do you associate with increasing your product’s profitability?

Response Percentage
Agile/Scrum 51.1%
Blended (Some Waterfall, some Agile) 22.4%
Don’t know 15.7%
Waterfall 3.5%
Other 3.5%
Kanban 2.8%


Product Profitability – Drilling Down on the Response

More than half of survey respondents (52.1%) named Agile/Scrum as the methodology most often associated with increasing product profitability. Blended (some Waterfall, some Agile) was a distant second with 22.4% of responses. Waterfall (3.5%) and Kanban (2.8%) barely garnered any responses. However, it is interesting to note that a significant 15.7% of respondents are unclear which methodology is associated with growing product’s productivity.

Question: Which of the following product management professionals does your organization utilize? (Check one.)

Response Percentage
Product Managers 40.6%
Both Product Managers and Product Owners 32.3%
Product Owners 16.1%
Neither 11.0%


Product Management Roles – What the Responses Tell Us

Slightly more than 40% of respondents indicated that their organization uses product managers. Nearly a third (32.3%) described use of both product managers and product owners. An even smaller number (16.1%) indicated that the only product management pros in their company were product owners. Sadly, a full 11% replied that their companies use neither product managers nor product owners.

Coming Up

Next week we will dig deeper into the responses generated by the Global Study Product Team Performance Survey. The survey findings (and thus this series of posts) will culminate in the revelation of the six new key performance indicators shared by high-performing teams. These are factors you can use to increase your own company’s success.


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