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Product Management Toolkit

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Product managers are a unique breed of business professional – a unique breed that requires unique tools in order to succeed. Product managers have to coordinate all the moving parts that go into a successful product launch like research, development, marketing, accounting and quality assurance. Actuation Consulting is a professional business consulting firm that specializes in helping product managers become the most effective and profitable product managers that they can. In addition to traditional consulting, you can also purchase toolkits designed to help you achieve success with different aspects of your duties as a product manager. Whether streamlining the roles of the people on your team or organizing a successful product launch from conception to store shelves, an individual and highly focused product management toolkit is just the thing you need to become better and more efficient at product management.

Product Management Toolkit – Why Recreate the Wheel?

Each product management toolkit that we offer consists of worksheets, matrices, and templates that are adaptable to nearly every product management project that you may face. Our toolkits are produced in-house by the members of our highly experienced team of product management consultants. The Actuation Consulting team has several decades of combined professional experience in the field of product management and our founders and partners are highly respected thought leaders of the product management industry who regularly consult, speak, and write on the topic of product management. A product management toolkit is the perfect way for anyone interested in becoming a better product manager to establish a strong foundation of tools and techniques from which winning product management projects can be launched.

One product management toolkit that we offer is the Multi-Year Product Strategy toolkit, which features seven templates aimed at helping you capture the strategy for a product management initiative and at communicating the strategic direction that would benefit your product the most. Another toolkit offered is the Clarifying Roles and Hands-Off toolkit, which was designed to help you clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the members of your team and to develop cross-functional hand-offs to promote efficiency throughout the product management process. We also offer a Project Management Essentials toolkit and a Project Survival toolkit – both of which include some of the most important and helpful information for product professionals.

Most of the toolkits that we offer include 30 minutes of personal consulting with a member of the Actuation Consulting team. This personal consultation is designed to help you understand how to best apply the toolkit. Toolkits are designed to be highly focused so you may apply them to specific aspects of product management – more toolkits are planned for release in the future and current toolkits will be updated as changes become necessary.

For more information on a product management toolkit that we offer, or on any of our other product management consulting services, get in touch with Actuation Consulting today.

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