Developing a Product Requirements Document

Building a Launch Plan Framework

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When your Product Brief is complete, it’s time to move your focus to developing a Product Launch Plan Framework. This important document will become your roadmap for completing all the tasks necessary for a successful launch.

Setting the Stage for Launch Success

The smartest way to begin developing your Launch Plan Framework is to start with your planned launch date and work backwards. Write down your launch date. Next list all the activities that must take place before you’ll be ready to release your new product to the market. Review your list of activities and consider how long each will take. Can some of these be worked on at the same time? When you have a handle on all these factors, you’ll be able to set your start date.

Your Launch Plan Template

Your launch plan template will vary depending on your type of business and the level of your launch’s complexity. It is essentially a calendar that includes key dates and breaks the tasks down week by week.

You’ll also want to include a column in your template that shows the person responsible for each task broken out in your chart. There should also be columns for deliverables. This column could include brochures, contracts, telephone and email contacts, and more.

Another column on your chart should identify the target for the task. Will the task target prospects, your internal sales team, management, existing customers, or some else? The final column shows resources available to help the person responsible for the task.

Completing the Launch Plan Framework

Once the columns are complete, list launch activities in chronological order and align them with the columns indicating responsible party.

You’ve chosen your product strategy. Your product brief is in hand. And now your launch plan is ready to go. At this point, you and your team are ready to begin completing the tasks that will lead to a successful product launch.


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