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Stand-Ups Drive Improved Performance – True or False?

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Analysis of this year’s data reveals the importance of regularly conducting effective stand-up meetings. In fact, the more frequently stand-up meetings are held, the more likely product teams are to achieve high performance.

Stand-Up Frequency Matters and Significantly Impacts Performance

Survey respondents were asked the following question “How effective are stand-ups in your organization?” Here is what they told us.

Actuation Consulting, the World's Leading Product Management Consulting and Training Organization

When asked to share their experiences with stand-ups, product team members clearly value well run and regularly conducted stand-ups. Forty percent of respondents report that regularly conducted stand-ups are an effective cornerstone of the product development process.

These best-in-class organizations are followed by another 41% that report stand-ups are effective, but not conducted on a regular basis. Unfortunately 19% of survey respondents indicate that stand-ups are either ineffective or contentious and a waste of time.

Reflecting back on findings from past studies, we know that 20% of product teams report issues with cross-functional hand-offs and transitions. Analysis from the 2013 study revealed that while some hand-offs are more problematic than others, poor hand-offs and transitions are responsible for degradation in team performance.

Conclusion: True

The regression analysis demonstrates that stand-up meetings are vital to effective product team communication and help eliminate or reduce issues that impede high performance. It also shows that product teams that invest the time and energy necessary to make stand-ups both effective and part of their daily routine will see significant performance benefits.


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