Briefing Industry Analysts

Preparing For Your First Industry Analyst Briefing

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There is a first time for everything. If you have been asked to participate in an industry analyst briefing, but have never done it before, here are some things to keep in mind.

Some Background On Industry Analyst Briefings

An analyst briefing is an opportunity for vendors, within an industry or market, to present their business strategy, products and services. During this meeting information flows from the vendor to the analyst and the meeting may or may not be interactive. A lot depends upon the analyst. They might simply ask clarifying questions or if your organization has developed a relationship with this individual the briefing could me more interactive.

In most organizations the product representative will not be the relationship manager with the analyst organization. If you find yourself in that position make sure to send a copy of your presentation materials several days in advance of the meeting – and mark any sensitive information as confidential.

Being prepared is a critical element of a successful analyst briefing. It helps if you do your homework and research both the analyst and their organization prior to the meeting. Product representatives participating in these meetings can make the most of this opportunity by highlighting the problem that your product solves and the unique ways in which your product makes customers’ daily lives easier.

Things To Consider

It also helps to understand the typical elements that form the basis of these meetings. Here’s a list of topics that your organization should be prepared to address.

  • About Your Company
    • The history
    • Financial performance
    • Operating concepts/business model
    • Organization
    • Company vision
    • Unique value proposition
  • How Your Organization Intends To Capitalize Upon Emergent Market Opportunities
    • Key market drivers or forces
    • The competitive landscape
    • The market(s) you target and why
    • Your company’s market strategy
    • The factors that make your company well-suited to capitalize upon these market opportunities
  • The Capabilities You Have Created To Achieve Your Objective
    • How will your product or service be delivered
    • What benefits do customers realize by purchasing your product
    • How do you intend to evolve your product or service offering
  • Strategy
    • Your growth plan
    • Investment strategy
    • Adjacency’s


The items I briefly outlined are by no means exhaustive but the main point is to be prepared and do your homework. Industry analysts are well connected and engage with your markets movers and shakers. Don’t make the mistake of coming into this meeting unprepared – it could cost you.

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